Advocacy Award

Deadline: June 1


The Oklahoma Reading Association annually recognizes influences in education in Oklahoma by a local council significantly involved with advocacy for literacy.


Any local council that has made major contributions to advocacy in Oklahoma in three of the following areas is eligible to apply for this award:

  • Educating members about advocacy skills and legislative issues.
  • Creating an action plan and council network to advocate for educational and legislative issues.
  • Activating efforts to influence and respond to state public policy.


The following shall serve as the criteria for the presentation of this award. Councils must do items 1-7 and two of the remaining optional items, in addition to meeting the two major prerequisites on the nomination form.


The completion of two prerequisites listed below is necessary to apply for this award, in addition to the required and optional criteria:

  1. A council must have an active legislative representative on file with ORA's legislative network.
  2. The legislative representative must have attended the annual ORA Leadership Conference.



  1.  At least five of the local council's members must be members of the International Reading Association LAT association--refer to Advocacy Manual for form.
  2. Develop an action plan to reach specific advocacy goals; for example, what are your steps for spreading advocacy information to your council members?
  3. Show evidence of participating in ORA calls to action, such as a copy of a letter to a legislator.
  4. Send e-mail or newsletter updates on advocacy issues and alerts to council members, such as the ones that we send you.
  5. Keep a person within your council who will be kept informed regarding contact with the State Advocacy Chairs.
  6. Develop and distribute resource materials on advocacy to share with members and the state chair.
  7. Include politicians from the council's district on the mailing list.


  8. Conduct periodic meetings with a Legislator and maintain a record of comments made by a Legislator regarding their position on concerns to ORA/educational issues, especially reading.
  9.  Develop a council web page section on legislative issues.
  10. Hold advocacy skill-building workshops for members.
  11. Write letters to editors regarding educational and legislative concerns.
  12. Arrange for letter writing booths or campaigns or phone call campaigns.
  13. Give testimony to legislative committee or board of education.
  14. Invite legislators to speak at meetings or arrange a "Meet your Legislator" meeting.
  15. Give an honorary membership to a politician.
  16. Utilize media resources.

    Advocacy Award Nomination Form

    Mail to:

    Vickie Hinkle
    Mid-America Christian University
    3500 S.W. 119th St.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73170
    405-692-3148 (W)


    A council representative such as the president or legislative representative will be honored at the annual ORA Leadership Conference held in July. 

  • The Oklahoma Reading Association Board shall solicit nominations from the local councils of ORA.
  • The Executive Committee and Legislative Committee shall -review supporting documents and make the final recommendations to the Board.
  • The Oklahoma Reading Association shall approve the final selection.
  • Winners shall be honored at the annual ORA Leadership Conference.

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